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Playing with Projections - Hands-on workshop on EventSourcing
doors open & food: 18:15 workshop starts: 19:00 workshop ends: 21:00 afterwards: have a chat and a drink at a cosy indoor fireplace. doors close: open end 👐 Workshop 👨‍💻 Playing with Projections by Michel Grootjans (@michelgrootjans) and Thomas Coopman (@tcoopman) is a fun workshop that teaches the fundamentals of projections and eventsourcing. You'll be given a stream of events, e.g. ("PlayerRegistered") from an online game which you need to project state to answer specific questions, such as "How many players registered in the previous month" or "Find players that have recently stopped playing as much as before so we can re-engage with them". Please bring a laptop with the repository (https://github.com/michelgrootjans/playing_with_projections) cloned and make sure that the language you want to work with is all set-up. We will pair you up with a partner, so if you can't bring your laptop, that's perfectly fine as well. 👨‍🏫 Facilitator 👨‍🔧 Raimo Radczewski (@rradczewski) will facilitate this session. He's an IT-consultant from Berlin, very active in the Software Crafters communities and a big fan of EventSourcing and DDD. -- There will be some vegan food as well.

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    In this meetup we'll discuss the in's and out's of Domain Driven Design.

    It's for everyone interested in how to create software for complex domains, be it beginner or expert.

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