(DDDBER) Design Challenges / Embracing DDD

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Hi there,

we're really looking forward to this event. Here's the plan:

19:00h: Socializing, not staying hungry and thirsty

19:30h: "Embracing DDD" talk

ca. 20:30h: "Design Challenges" talk

22:00h: going to nearby bar to chat and have a drink

If you want to twitter, it'd be nice to use our @DDDBER handle :) ... and of course @yreynhout & @heimeshoff

Design Challenges

As developers, from time to time, we have to solve complex problems for our clients/customers - the good, the bad and the ugly designs we end up with do not often see the light of day. This whiteboard talk will show you some concrete problems, how their solutions were designed, why some models wouldn't have worked and others did, leaving you with insight that might help you in your next design challenges.

Speaker: Yves Reynhout (@yreynhout) is a consultant specialized in building products using acronyms and buzzwords that will make you blush.


Embracing DDD

Domain Driven Design is neither a method nor a technology, it is a culture, a way of thinking about the needs of the customers first, and putting an emphasis on their language and human interactions. Once you start solving your customers problems with DDD, you touch all the parts of their business, from code to architecture, from people to management. Let us explore the value that embracing DDD all the way provides, for business and development.

Speaker: Marco Heimeshoff (@heimeshoff)