Meetup Dresden AWS User Group - Special Edition on Container

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Join us to get to know other AWS users in our region and exchange experiences, best practices, and meet like-minded people!

This time we have the pleasure to welcome AWS community hero Thorsten Höger for a guest talk. Also, we join forces with the Ansible community this time for our special edition on containers.

# Container Meetup DD

Featured by: AWS User Group, Ansible Meetup and TU Dresden

Container technologies like Docker or Kubernetes are an integral part of every IT department and developer pipeline. Ansible Meetup and the AWS User Group are joining forces with the TU Dresden to present a joint meetup and show some cool use cases with containers.

Join us, enjoy the talks and chat with us.

## Date
[masked] - 17:00

## Location

TU Dresden
01069 Dresden
Zellescher Weg 12-14
Willers Bau, Hörsaal B312

## Agenda

- 17:00 Doors Open
- 17:15 Introduction
- 17:30 **Talk #1: Ansible Kubernetes**
- 18:00 Break
- 18:15 **Talk #2: Scientific Computing in Containers**
- 18:30 **Talk #3: TODO**
- 18:45 Break
- 19:00 **Talk #4: Docker on AWS using Fargate, CDK, and Github Actions**
- 19:30 Snack, Drink, Chat

## Program

### Talk #1: Ansible Kubernetes = Love

Ansible is "Automation made simple", Kubernetes is the de-facto standard of container orchestration. During this talk you will learn why you should combine them and which enhancements you will get.

- Presenter: Daniel
- Length: 30 minutes

### Talk #2: Scientific Computing in Containers

The workflow of scientific computing requires flexibility in
the software environment, reproducibility of computation and thus of
the software stack, continuous development, testing, and deployment to various platforms and Linux distributions, and the compatibility with various architectures, especially with high-performance computers, scientific compute farms, as well as local desktop machines. All this work can take advantage of recent container technologies, like docker or singularity, and provides in combination with platforms like GitLab a powerful toolset in scientific research and software development.
This presentations aims to introduce some aspects of the above that
came into focus in our research institute recently.

- Presenter: Simon
- Length: 12 minutes

### Talk #3: tbd


- Presenter: tbd
- Length: 12 minutes

### Talk #4: Docker on AWS using Fargate, CDK, and Github Actions

This talk will demonstrate how to build Docker images and deploy them to Fargate using the AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK) and Github Actions.

- Presenter: Thorsten
- Length: 30 minutes

## Sponsors

- TU Dresden
- Ansible Meetup
- AWS User Group

Please contact the organizers or post in the forum if you would like to contribute a talk or host this meetup. We look forward to see you at the meetup!

Steffen, Tobias, André and Daniel