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We love to celebrate our 'Lust for Life'. We strive for the kind of intensity and eagerness just provided by the anarchy of electrified nights. Also, we are cool in a sense of mutual respecting each other regardless of one's ethnicity, sexuality or political views. All that matters is the willingness to having a great time together.

You're with us? Then, there's simply one thing to opt for: Join this group and participate!

Cheers --> Neal

P.S.: Please note, that this group has been established for people from Düsseldorf and its area. You may not be accepted if you're not living in this region. Also, you have to provide a profile pic (of yourself).

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The July Night Hike: Relaxed & Happy.

The summertime arrived at its peak - and we're swimming on the waves of escalative hot summer days! Time for our next Night Hike! The idea in a few words: We'll hike a route the organizer planned before while drinking and dancing to our own music: We'll take along a guitar as well as a music speaker. Much freedom, no limitations and lots of joy! This time, we'll meet at 8 pm in front of the Real store in Düsseldorf-Bilk. After ensuring ourselves with snacks & drinks, we'll go on a quick ride to the train stop "Hellriegelstraße" from where we'll reach our starting point: the beautiful "Volmerswerther Deich". By crossing the Fleher Brücke our route invites us for a first break at the beach. After that, the hike goes on - through Neuss-Grimmlinghausen directly alongside the river Rhine up to the Südbrücke. Compared to our regular distance of night hikes (16 - 24 kilometers), this hike is also durable for rather lazy folks with its distance of ~12 kilometers. So, if you're up for some great celebrations alongside the river and beach, jump on board of our fantastic and relaxed summer Walk'n'Booze tour! :) All the best --> Neal

In Our Music Express: Kleve upon the Rhine.

Düsseldorf Central Station

Dear Music Express Smashers, The summer of 2019 is an amazing one indeed. After our amazing Drachenfels Music Express in June, it's finally about time to jump on board of the Music Express again and roll to the beautiful city of Kleve upon the Rhine (http://gotravelaz.com/kleve/). Yes, we'll be going for the great "Music Express" adventure again: Simply a big, big celebration and party inside a Regional Express as well as inside stunning small towns in our region. And that's the plan: - Meeting up at Düsseldorf Central Station & stepping inside our train to Kleve upon the Rhine. - I'll bring along my guitar and my music speaker, you'll bring along your lust for life and (if you like) another musical instrument. - Inside the train, we'll sing, drink and chant until we finally arrive. - In Kleve, we'll visit the legendary Schwanenburg and the Obelisk while we keep singing & celebrating. - After that, we'll walk towards the river Rhine, smash a nice break and cross the Rhine bridge to the town of Emmerich upon the Rhine. And from Emmerich, we'll depart back to Düsseldorf! If you're up for another adventure of joy and freedom, simply join us and our trip across our fascinating region. All the best --> Neal

The Great Düsseldorf Games Night - Forest Edition.

Dear Games Smashers Great games, fantastic people, some tasty snacks and delicious drinks - how does that sound to you guys? Yes, probably not too bad! On Friday, August 23, we'll be having a great night together: We play & drink, we talk & laugh, we fight & win. This time, our Games Night is going to take place at a very special, thrilling spot: inside the Düsseldorfian forest! Right in this mystic darkness, it's our mission to play several fearsome rounds of the legendary Werewolves game (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Werewolves_of_Millers_Hollow). All details to be discussed in our WhatsApp group :) All the best --> Neal

Horror in Düsseldorf: The Halloween Night Hike 2019.

Real Düsseldorf Bilk

Dear fearless horror smashers, five years after our last Halloween Night Hike, we are finally going for it again. As the only survivor of the London Halloween Night Hike in 2014, I intrepidly feel: this time, we're gonna be stronger than ever. This time, we won't be the victims. This time, WE will be the horror. For this very special hike, we'll all be costumed. There are numerous characters, that you can opt for (a Horror Clown, Michael Myers, Joker etc. etc.). In any case, we'll discuss it together, so that every character remains unique :) We'll meet at 8:30 pm at the Real store in Düsseldorf-Bilk and go shopping together for some snacks & drinks. We also plan, to invest in an Absinthe. After that, our route of horror begins. And with this route, two horror dance parties as well as two horror games. For this hike, you will receive no informations about the path. But don't be afraid, there'll be train connections all night long. Gruesome cheers --> Neal P.S: Some background information about our Night Hikes for the newbies: We'll hike a route the organizer planned before while drinking and dancing to our own music: We'll take along a guitar as well as a music speaker. Much freedom, no limitations and lots of joy!

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