Worum es bei uns geht

This is a group to share our interest in our favorite TV show, Star Trek, especially Star Trek Deep Space 9. Also, anyone is welcome with a general interest in Science Fiction.

We will watch old episodes, new TV series, or new movies. We will meet up at the cinema or at someone's place.

The idea of Science Fiction is to look at contemporary topics from the point of view of another world or time, so feel free to join the discussion after each event to exchange ideas about science, philosophy, or politics.

Deutsch oder Englisch willkommen :)

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Let's Meet Up to Watch "Terminator Dark Fate"

Let's meet up before and afterwards to talk SciFi :) Please note: There is no release date or time yet so the Meetup date could move 1-2 weeks, as well as the location could move to another cinema.

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