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First WordPress Meetup in Düsseldorf

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Sven L. and WordPress


This is the first Düsseldorf based WordPress Meetup. It's an idea to create a regular WordPress Meetup in Düsseldorf. There are several WordPress related agencies and many different WordPress users in Düsseldorf and it's time to connect and share ideas and knowledge and build a local WordPress community. Düsseldorf should have a solid WordPress Community.

If you are related with WordPress in any way or just get interested in WordPress this Meetup is for you. It's the first and it's to get known each other and decide how future Meetups should be handled.

If someone want to hold a session get in contact. We also need more organisers and people helping make this event something special. So do not be shy get in contact!

More infos to follow!

Bilker Allee 217 · Düsseldorf