2018 Q3 Meetup - Xamarin, Azure & Chat bots with René Ruppert and More


Join us for a fun evening during the Q3 Meetup! This time, Xamarin.University lecturer from Microsoft René Ruppert (@rene_ruppert) is our first guest speaker. More details on the second session soon!

18:00 Doors open & Dinner
19:00 Session 1: *René Ruppert* (Microsoft)
The favorite color I'm painting my Xamarin Apps with? Azure, of course!

Learn how Microsoft Azure can supercharge your app with AI and serverless Functions. Bonus: see how sending push notifications with Visual Studio App Center is pure joy.

20:00 Session 2: *Geert van der Cruijsen* (Xpirit)
Bots are the new Apps? Building chatbots from idea to production.

In this session Geert will explain how to build your own bots using .Net, C#, Azure and the Microsoft Bot Framework. During the session we will cover all areas involved in building a successful production ready bot. Starting from the initial idea to getting a prototype working as fast as possible to actually running it in production on channels such as skype, facebook or telegram.

After this session you'll be fully ready to build your own bot that will conquer the world (if Sarah Connor doesn't stop it)

21:00 Closing & drinks