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Monthly Hamburg Elixir Meetup
The regular meetup of hh.ex the Hamburg Elixir Community! We want to get to know each other better and share our experience using the best language on the planet. So we have the following agenda: - 18:00 Open the doors - 18:30 Welcome - Cool Talks and happy coding - Hang out, have beers, coke, mate or whats-o-ever and talk Elixir 🍻 🎉 There may be schnittchen, or not. 🎉

TBD - it will be relatively central

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Elixir is a dynamic, functional language designed for building scalable and maintainable applications. We want to create a space in Hamburg to meet fellow programmers, to learn, talk, exercise and inspire!

Everyone is invited to contribute to the organisation of hh.ex here in our open GitHub planning repo: https://github.com/hh-ex/planning

While with us, you must comply to our Code of Conduct: https://github.com/hh-ex/planning/blob/master/Code-of-Conduct.md

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