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This meetup group is for all energy and e-mobility enthusiasts who want to find out more about how blockchain technology can be helpful to solve problems in their sector. Please join this group, if you want to share your thoughts and knowledge and get to know new people who are also interested in this topic.

Since the blockchain community is very international, all the talks will be held in English and online! If we find enough energy-blockchain-enthusiast in the ruhr-area we can also think about a regular "Stammtisch". Please share your ideas and thoughts :)

The Meetups will have the following format:

"Blockchain Thesis Pitch"
Students normally don't get the opportunity to share their knowledge gained by working on BA and MA theses. That is such a pity in general but especially when it comes to blockchain technology! So please share your knowledge and insights with us!

"Blockchain Experts Talks"
Learning from experts is always the fasted way to get deeper into a topic. Therefore, we will have experts give an overview on what they are working in the field of blockchain. After each talk you will have the opportunity to address your questions to the expert. As we grow as a community we get also more interesting for these experts to join us in a meetup. So please share the word and bring your blockchain interested buddies into the group.

The talks will be recorded and uploaded in the Energy Blockchain Talks Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSTMMUohBLgGi7j5GeNZ1VQ?

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EBT#7 - Cheap EV charging using blockchain technology?

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EBT#6 - Lition - GDPR compliant blockchain

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EBT#5 - Blockchain in the EV charging economy

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