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Ethereum: Frontier Meetup

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7Brunnen Startup Space

Siebenbrunnengasse 17 · Wien

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Ethereum 1.0 is live at long last. Having reached the Frontier milestone, the (final) 1.0 blockchain is available for real transactions. For our 10th Meetup we will look at some metrics of the live network, the inital price movements, what exchanges and other services already work with Frontier, and what comes after this big milestone.


1) General Introduction

A general overview about the ethereum project.

What are its aims? How does it work? Who is behind it? How does the release process work? What happens now?

2) Guide to the Frontier

A quick guide to installing the client, getting everything set up, importing presale wallets, creating simple transactions. Afterwards there will be an overview of exchanges and other services (like blockchain explorers) that already work with Frontier.

3) The state of Frontier

A quick look and discussion of some important metrics of the live blockchain, such as transactions per block, hash rate and uncle rate.