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Meet the team of Augur, the decentralized prediction market!

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Prediction markets allow people to bet money on the occurrence of future events. With enough people participating, this can result in fairly accurate forecasts about the future. In the past many such prediction markets have suffered from manipulation, censorship and legal issues.

One project that aims to change that is Augur (, the decentralized prediction market. Using cryptocurrency technology, their vision is to produce a prediction market that is global, uncensorable and fully transparent.

Augur has been endorsed by many figureheads of the cryptocurrency ecosystem, has been featured in Yahoo Finance ( and mentioned by the Wall Street Journal ( Their still ongoing crowdfunding campaign has raised 1.3 million dollar in just over a day.

Their current alpha version is build on top of ethereum, but Augur intends to work with many currencies in the future. Wether you're a fan of bitcoin, ethereum or just of prediction markets, this event should be interesting for you.

This Saturday (September 26th), we will be joined by a member from the Augur ( team.


1) Introduction to Ethereum

The evening will begin with a (shorter than usual) introduction to the ethereum project and what it aims to accomplish.

2) Main Presentation - Augur

Peronet Despeignes will give an introduction talk about Augur.

Topics covered by his talk include:

• What are prediction markets?

• Why should you want prediction markets?

• An overview of the Augur system

• An overview of the crowdsale so far

• The market size of prediction markets

• Who is behind Augur?

3) Q&A with Peronet Despeignes from Augur

After the talk you can ask any Augur-related questions to Despeignes. If you have some very specific questions about Augur, you can post them in the comments here, so they can be sent to the team in advance (Not everybody at Augur knows everything about it).

4) Socializing

Afterwards feel free to chat with the guys from Augur or other cryptocurrency enthusiasts about augur, bitcoin, ethereum or whatever else you find interesting.