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Workshop: Simple contract development and deployment

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Wien Mitte / The Mall · Wien

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2nd Floor. Entrance "Fokus Forschung" between Libro and New Yorker. (see map below)

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Technologies like Ethereum enable an entire new class of applications to be developed: DApps. Those are fully decentralized applications that use Ethereum and other technologies to completely remove the need for a central trusted 3rd party.

Ethereum Vienna will host its first DApp Development workshop on January 31st (the most popular date on the survey) starting at 6 pm.

In our first workshop we will focus on the basics of contract development using Solidity, the official language for ethereum contracts, and contract deployment to a blockchain.

No prior experience in developing with Ethereum is required. The expected prior knowledge about Ethereum is at the level of our Introduction Presentation (

Topics include:

• Interaction with contracts in the js console

• Basic introduction to the EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine)

• Solidity syntax and semantics

• Implementing a contract in solidity (main part)

• Deployment using geth

• Deployment using a framework (like embark or truffle)

Having a working version of solc (instructions ( and Geth (instructions (geth section) ( or the c++ client is recommended (if you want to deploy onto a private chain or testnet), but not necessary for most of the workshop. Contract Development will be done through the web IDE. Please make sure your laptop has working wifi.

If you have problems with setting up geth and solc, you can come at 17:30 and we can help you out.