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Ethereum: The Road to 2.0: Abstractions / More DAO drama

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With the DAO crisis "resolved", the focus now goes towards the Metropolis milestone. Meanwhile Vitalik, Vlad and co are already working towards the next major version of the ethereum protocol. Ethereum 2.0 comes with big changes trying to achieve a better consensus layer, scalability and an even more generalised platform.

This Meetup we'll take a look at the recent developments in the ongoing DAO drama and the new layers of abstractions in Ethereum 2.0, which will enable new possibilities and use-cases for the Ethereum blockchain. In addition we'll also go over the first proposal for the Metropolis Hardfork.


1) General Introduction

A general overview of the ethereum project.

What are its aims? How does it work? Who is behind it? How does the release process work? What happens now?

2) Updates

• More DAO drama

• The fate of Ethereum Classic

• Mist beta

• State of the light client

• Devcon-2 details

3) Main Presentation - The Road to 2.0: Abstractions

Ethereum 2.0 changes several fundamentals of Ethereum like the transaction format and the account system itself. This can enable new possibilities like using custom cryptographic algorithms or contracts that pay the mining fee instead of the sender (that way the sender does not need ether). In this presentation we'll look at the major changes specified in EIP101 and related proposals as well as the first proposals for the next Hardfork: Metropolis.

4) Socializing

Afterwards feel free to chat with other cryptocurrency enthusiasts about ethereum or whatever else you find interesting.