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We welcome all musicians and audience who wish to meet, play and perform Ethnic music in Berlin.

Ethnic music Berlin (EMB) is an open group who practice and perform Ethnic music on a regular basis. We maintain a weekly rehearsal routine when we practice our repertoire, learn new pieces, study a bit of the eastern music theory and getting to know each other.

Additionally to our rehearsals, EMB ensemble also performs in a broad range of events, from a small jam gathering to a front performance in a conference, exhibition or a small event. Our performances are voluntarily based and done as a contribution. The encounter meant to be fun for all sides :)

Everyone is welcomed to attend, with any kind of instrument! We have a place to ant pitched instruments or percussion. Singers are welcome as well :)

Have an idea for a MeetUp? go ahead and suggest one!

Thank you for joining our group. We look forward seeing you in one of our activities soon!

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Dieser Inhalt ist nur für Mitglieder verfügbar

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