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This group is organized by Link EUS, a brand new European Cultural Center in NYC. Everyone is welcome to join who is interested in Europe; European Expats and Americans (or others) interested in Europe alike. We offer social events such as language exchanges, European-American Meetups, film screenings, arts events and much more that we will post here in this group. We're looking forward to meet you and start a journey through European culture with you.

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($15-20) EUS Language Exchange

74 Warren St

Come practice various European languages at once over a glass of wine and beer. What to expect: At our EUS Language exchange, you will get the chance to practice several European languages at once: Everybody gets a small flag for every European language he/she speaks. Then, following the concept of "Speed Dating", you switch (language) partners every 4 minutes. You check with your partner what language you have in common and if you have a match, you will have a conversation in this language for 4 minutes. If you do not have a match, you will shortly teach each other simple phrases in your mother tongues. With this fun game, you will quickly bring your language skills back to a great small talk level and you may even learn some phrases in a new language. Join us on December 12 at 7pm at the German School Manhattan (GSM) for a fun night where you can brush up some language skills in a relaxed atmosphere with some wine and beer. Everyone who speaks or learns at least one European language at any level is welcome! Ticket prices are: $15/Early Bird (until December1) $15/Students (Use Discount Code: EUSSTUDENT) $18/Regular Online Tickets $20/Regular Admission at the door Drinks are included in the tickets! Tickets are available at www.link-eus.com/book-online. How to get there: Take the A or C to Chambers Street the 2 or 3 to Park Place, the N, R or W to City Hall the J to Chambers Street, the 4, 5 or 6 to Brooklyn Bridge City Hall Station or the E or the Path Train to World Trade Center.

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($20-$25) European Dessert Tasting

German School Manhattan

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