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What is the Meetup about?

Are you new in town? Or have you lived abroad and want to keep practicing your English? This Group is a wonderful way to get to know people with an international experience. Together we move and you can learn from each other about traditions, holidays, manners in different countries.

A bit about myself: I left my home country Israel for some backpacking in 2001 and eventually found myself in Japan, where I stayed 5 years. I then came to Switzerland with my job (banking) in 2008 and have stayed in this beautiful country since then.

I started practicing Karate already when I was 12 (1989) and was asked by my Sensei to start teaching groups when I was just 15. I have instructed many groups over the years in Israel, Japan and now also in Switzerland. Over the years of training I was also fortunate to be introduced to some other disciplines.

Last year a colleague and I designed a self-defense course which we sell to companies. We also offer the same course privately at the Karate dojo near Stettbach.

Our next Meetup is for 10:00am on Saturday, September 17th. This is a FREE trial self-defense lesson which we will be offering at our Karate dojo (Stettbachstrasse 6, Dübendorf). It will give you a chance to taste some of what we teach, and develop some expectations to our upcoming Meetups. Please do register with me (079 691 77 64, golan@sports-club.ch) if you'd like to join, as we do have limited spaces.

Here's what I'd like to do during Carla's Maternity Leave - our Meetups will ideally still be outdoors, with a bit of jogging (I'll probably lag behind in the beginning) to the vita-parcours, possibly the one where you folks used to train (you will need to show it to me first). We will then have some time for functional training as you used to do it (here I'll be learning from you), but my focus will be on introducing you to martial arts and teaching you some basics as well as some more advanced self-defense skills.

When outdoor training is not preferred (e.g. in bad weather), we could potentially also use the Karate dojo.

I look forward to meeting this group's members. In the meanwhile, please do not hesitate to write to me if you have any suggestions or questions.

This class is donation based.



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