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If you don't know the city and would like to explore the concerts, art events, bars, coffees, music, dance, cinema, restaurants, gardens and all together get to know the hidden places and the best spots join this group :)

There is also a group open named St. gallen meetup that has other interesting events that you should apply! together, we will try to complement and give enough options for you not to have any excuse for not knowing St. Gallen

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Indian Dinner - Restaurant Holi St.Gallen

Restaurant Holi

Hello everyone! Let`s go again to eat some "real" indian food 😄😄. The Restaurant Holi is in the middle of Sankt Gallen and seems to have an excellent indian cook (see webpage: http://www.restaurant-holi.ch). The dinner will start at 7pm. I hope to see you all soon 😄😄

Vietnamese Dinner @ Lansin (St.Gallen)

Restaurant Lansin

Hello everyone, Let's meet for a delicious vietnamese dinner in St.Gallen. The location is in the city center of St.Gallen. The dishes are very diverse so everyone will find something (see link below) 🍙🍜🍧🍨🍚🍥 😋😋😋. Hope that a lot of you will join 😄😄 http://lansin.ch

Delicious unique Dinner @ Sankt Gallen

Restaurant Geschmackslokal

The dinner will take place in a new restaurant in Sankt Gallen. The serve delicious Eintöpfe (Stews) in this restaurant. The location looks very lovely and the food is for sure unique. Hope that a lot of you will join. Link: https://geschmackslokal.ch/menu/

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Food from Ticino @ Sammarco

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