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Worum es bei uns geht

Have you come, for work or study, to Switzerland and are curious about the way Democracy works here (Gemeinde, Cantons, Referendums, 4 languages, ...) ?

Do you want to know more about this democratic system:
Federalism (Fed.) and Direct Democracy (D.D.) ?

Do you want to do that in a group of
young, motivated, dynamic and enthusiastic citizens of different countries
willing to take actions in first person to change the World
by understanding and widespreading the ideas of an efficient democracy
on the basis of the Swiss Model, step by step ?

We are the “Democracy Exporters” that appreciate dialectics,
well-reasoned arguments
and the exchange of different viewpoints
presented in a respectful way
while having also fun with different activities and travels together :-)

Please dedicate some minutes to read the Manifesto of this Group:

You are welcome to join us and our activities :-)

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