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Confused about all the website tech slang and rules when it comes to setting up your internet presence? Wonder no more! Norma Driske will shed light on this ever-present topic.

Norma will touch on things like:
- what’s a server and why do I need to have space on one
- what’s a domain and where do I find them, also why are there so many confusing endings .de, .com, .co etc
- what is an IP address
- do I need an SSL certificate
- Is SEO (search engine optimization) important
- what does GDPR/DSGVO mean for your website

After this Meetup, websites should be no mystery to you anymore.

Also, is there other stuff you would love to know about? Post it in the comments below!

Learn more about Norma here:

Deutsch and English, yes both!
Kids are welcome