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This was the former DrivenWoman group which I, Karime Abib, am taking charge of now. I am a DW Group Leader and an entrepreneur. Through my company AdvantiKA responsible business and other initiatives being launched I support the Sustainable Development Goals.

This group is from September 2020 to be dedicated to promote and gather women around initiatives that correlate with our mission of "Expanding the feminine in the world by empowering women skills, competencies and providing support groups and activities. Our mission comprehends helping men who believe in the power of the feminine and in a transformed world where a balance between masculine and feminine forces can be achieved.".

We will post events of different nature that we are planning and we encourage you to bring in ideas or contact us to promote your events as well.

I just started the coordination of this group on August 24th, 2020, therefore, keep tuned to see what is coming next.

Thank you!

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