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This group is about making healthy natural probiotic foods such as fermented vegetables, kefir, yogurt, kombucha, kvass, etc.

Some of our great-grandmothers used to make these foods in the past, but the tradition got lost somewhere in the last two generations. Why did that happen? Convenience foods arrived to the markets, our lives got busier than ever, etc. The point is, we are realizing that the benefits of consuming these foods outnumber the inconvenience to prepare them.

When I read about how beneficial eating fermented food is, I wanted to learn more! I bought a couple of books and found lots of resources online, but I did not find any local group. There are many in the UK, US, and other countries, but none here. What I was missing was someone I could ask directly how to do it, what about if something went wrong? What was the taste like? Would I like it? So I attended a couple of workshops available in other countries and I started experimenting at home with the easy ferments, and eventually with other ferments such as jalapeños, which is now part of our diet. Instead of buying jalapeños in vinegar from the shop, we buy the fresh ones and after about a week of fermenting we have not only delicious jalapeños, but also full of probiotics and live enzymes as a condiment for some of our meals. The only problem is that is goes too fast!

If you have never fermented in the past, the basic workshop is then for you. You will learn how easy it is to make these super foods and how it is not so time-consuming when you install a routine around it. The benefits you will encounter are enormous and it is really worth a try!

All the questions above and more is what I intend to explain in our hands-on workshop. You will get to try these foods before you make them. You will find out about the benefits of second fermenting, of live enzymes, what probiotics are, why they are important, etc. I also have some books you can check out during the workshop.

Some of the well-known benefits of fermented foods are:

- better digestion

- improve your immune system

- easy intake of vitamin C

- live and good bacteria colonisation of our gut flora

If you would like to find out more about fermenting, I recommend these websites:

- Wild fermentation (http://www.wildfermentation.com/whats-so-wild-about-fermentation/)

- Cultured vegetables (http://www.culturedfoodlife.com/cultured-vegetables/)

- More about the benefits of cultured foods (http://articles.mercola.com/fermented-foods.aspx)

Are you already fermenting and would like to join a community of fermenters to exchange recipes or share your fermenting ideas? This is the group for you then! Let’s revive this tradition here in Switzerland! Let’s create a community of fermenters and let’s get healthier in the process!

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Basic fermentation workshop: sauerkraut and kefir

AWCZ clubhouse

Basic fermentation workshop: sauerkraut

AWCZ clubhouse

Beginners fermentation workshop: sauerkraut and kefir

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