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Eat dinner with other fermenters
Eat dinner with other fermenters

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    This is a meetup group for:

    people who make occasional batches of kimchi, yogurt, kombucha, etc.

    expert fermenters who have lots of ongoing projects

    devoted Sandor Ellix Katz fans (fermentation guru who wrote the book, Wild Fermentation)

    foodie fermenters who are in it for the flavors

    sourdough and friendship cake bakers

    people who like to talk about how fermentation is done in their own country, culture or region

    brewers, meaders, ciderers and winers

    gardeners who preserve what they grow

    people who know about the science and/or cultural history of fermentation

    folks who are all about the health benefits

    and...people who have never tried fermentation projects, but are interested in chatting and learning about it.

    My vision is for fermenters and potential fermenters to come and talk about fermentation triumphs and woes, show and taste fermented food, share cultures and learn from each other about the science, health, and history related to fermentation.

    Please note:

    German speakers are welcome! I hope to have a bilingual atmosphere and some events that are conducted in German as well as English.

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