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FilmTech #6: Financing a TV series through an ICO (initial coin offering)

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David Lofts will present an in-depth case study on decentralized film production and the first TV show worldwide to be financed and produced this way.

"21 Million: Children of Satoshi" is a hard-hitting TV series set in the world of cryptography and espionage, produced by London based „21 Million“ media production.

An ICO (initial coin offering, similar to an IPO, initial public offering), is a novel way to fund a project by creating and selling a token with a certain functionality in its ecosystem.

"21 Million: Children of Satoshi" was funded by creating the "21 M Coin". These are similar to Bitcoin or Ethereum. 50% of the coins were purchased by libertarian-thinking and like-minded contributors to fund the production. Management has retained 20%. The remaining 30% are to be distributed to cast, crew and support staff on the project, in addition to their fees, to the equivalent of their earnings from the production.

These coins represent a genuine stake in the revenues generated by the production and guarantee that all involved receive a share of the income from sales, equivalent to their earnings, expressed as a percentage of the overall production budget.

* * * * *

David Lofts is the executive producer and creative director of "21 Million: Children of Satoshi". He is a brand architect with a solid background in global consumer and finance marketing. His passion for Blockchain stems from a belief in equality through decentralisation & an even playing field for entrepreneurs. Having spent much of his career in the corporate arena he is dedicated to the disruption of the status quo & the removal of reliance on banks & VC finance for business start-ups. His novel, Children of Satoshi will be released at the same time as the pilot for 21 Million. In addition to being a founder member of 21 Million, David is CMO at Blockchain Funding Portal He is also an accomplished writer, musician and producer.

Principal photography for the pilot episode of "21 Million: Children of Satoshi" is scheduled for the first half of 2018, with locations including Washington, London, Berlin, and Moscow.

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