How JSR-385 could have saved the Mars Climate Orbiter & Motivation Talk

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Software Engineering is undoubtedly one of the best paid jobs nowadays.

The latter implies that the market for Software Engineers is large enough for all levels of expertise. However, when a market is large it’s not always that easy to find good Engineers; because in the end, this is what companies want: exceptional Engineers.

Are you happy enough with your current position? Do you often find yourself in dilemmas like “am I doing the right thing?“, “should I change something?“, “how can I improve my skills?“, “how could I be seen as a strong technical person?”?

Except for answering the aforementioned questions, this session will actually help you to:
- market yourself as you never did before
- drive your career in the direction you want
- improve your productivity
- make the right decisions at the right time


Thodoris Bais


Thodoris works as a Scrum Master for ABN Amro bank and contributes to the prosperity of the (software) community in several ways. He is the Founder & Leader of Utrecht Java User Group, which counts more than 2000 members and has hosted exceptional speakers (where among others, James Gosling and Uncle Bob). Besides, he serves the Expert Group of JSR-385 and helps new communities to make their first steps. Previously: 5 years of Software Engineering, 2 years as a Technical Author, Open-source contributor. His views are expressed via his Twitter handle @thodorisbais

Werner Keil


Werner is Committer at Apache Foundation, Eclipse Foundation and the Java Community Process in many leading JSRs, a JSR 385 Spec Lead and JCP Award Winner