finfinity #16: The Rise of Digital Marketplaces

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Dear friends,

The digital sphere has opened up the world of commerce, finance and communication. Digital marketplaces are central nodes in the new economy.

In our 16th #finfinity meetup, we put the focus on this topic: What are digital marketplaces now and what will they be in the future. So, you can look forward to insightful keynotes by industry experts, gathering on November 21st 2019, 7 PM at the facilities of KI Group:

4th floor
Mittelstraße 12-14
Haus B
50672 Cologne


1. Our First Speaker is Thomas Tittelbach

As Managing Partner at aye4fin, Thomas is consultant for payments, platforms and analytics. With an experienced team of industry experts he advises large corporations and fast-growing startups on projects focusing on transaction-based business models.

Thomas will talk about “Smart Platforms: Overcome the Regulatory Challenge”. He knows that complying with financial regulation causes headaches for most platform companies. Thomas will provide insights, how any platform can be as convenient as the Amazon Marketplace.

2. Our second speaker is Simon Fischer.

Simon is Engineering Lead at Zalando Payments. Zalando Payments processes all financial transactions on Zalando's marketplace, including the Zalando Fashion Store, Zalando Lounge, apps, and distributed commerce offerings. In the fashion industry, customer expectations to online payments are quite special, and the classic checkout flow is quite a bad fit and has little in common with the brick and mortar experience. In an offline store, people try on a selection of goods and then pay for what they choose. You don't pay just for taking articles to the changing room, so why would you do so when buying online -- just to receive a refund later after returning the articles you don't want to keep?

This talk will show how Zalando Payments solve the special challenges for payments in online fashion retail for Zalando and its partners, and how they turned the requirements that came with the new PSD2 regulation into a convenient and seamless payment product.

See you all at finfinity #16,

Your finfinity team