1:1 Pitching - Get detailed feedback on your pitch deck

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Every Friday, we host 1:1 pitching sessions with startup founders that want to get detailed feedback on their pitch deck.

The feedback will be focused on:

- Problem Definition: Ensure your problem is well defined and is easy for investors to understand - Solution Definition: Ensure your proposed solution actually solves the problem in a better way than your competitors

- Value Proposition Design: Analyse your overall value proposition, re-assess your business model and restructure for it to be the most valuable

- Technology Assessment: Assess your technology selections and suggest the most suitable tools & frameworks and skills required for you to succeed

- Product Roadmap & Planning: Analyse your overall product requirements to have sets of clear goals and KPIs to be achieved by strategically planning your key milestones

- Teams Assessment: Assess your existing technology teams to identify areas of weakness that need immediate attention. Also, understand various strategies & options to build a full-fledged high-performance team for unparalleled growth.

- Finance & Funding: Assess your financial models, cash flow projections and funding needs to support your venture. Get suggestions on various funding options available to you and ways to get that.

Who is doing the review?

Maulik Sailor - Founder and CEO of Innovify - one of London’s most innovative digital product development companies. Over the past three years, Innovify has provided CTO and product development services to startups such as Teaglo, Gener8, Landbay, Kwanji, BrickOwner, Instantt and more, enabling them to go from early stage MVPs to full-blown, operational companies. Moreover, Maulik pioneered new product development activity for global organisations, including Visa, Betfair, BBC, The Wall Street Journal, Microsoft and Nokia. His multi-sector experience includes FinTech, media, publishing, personal payments, e-commerce, SEO, B2C portals and mobile apps.

How to apply?

1. Complete this form: https://innovifyventures.typeform.com/to/H5pZjR

2. Buy a ticket

3. Wait for a confirmation email from Elena - Ventures Manager at Innovify ([masked])


Innovify Ventures represents a subsidiary of Innovify - one of London’s most innovative Digital Product Development Companies.

Innovify Ventures is an early stage digital start-up studio with an enviable track record of launching many high growth start-ups. We help ambitious founders validate their ideas and develop MVPs to find product-market fit. Innovify Ventures brings wide and deep tech expertise to build highly scalable infrastructures and automated workflows with minimal overheads. We further coach the founders to establish profitable business models and accelerate them to series A investment in a fast and cost-effective manner. We are continuously nurturing our network of partners to save time for start-up founders by facilitating the right support to accelerate growth.

For more information, contact Elena at [masked]

Please Note: This is an open pitching event to get feedback on your startup and does not guarantee any funding.