Ringside Talk #2 - Surprise: Earn your seat in PAYBACK'S FC Bayern VIP-Lounge

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This is for the awesome people with great ideas! YES – we’re pointing at you!

Got an idea for a brilliant new website, app or IoT gadget? Do you want to turn this idea into a product? Even better a startup?

Not sure what comes next? Join us for two hours and learn something new!

We'll be featuring a diverse set of "Idea to Product"-Challenges. You'll be solving one of those using a Sprint-Format we'll be happy to introduce to you.

The event is complimented by speakers & judges who've "been there and done that".

Your ticket price, drinks and food are covered by the nice folks of PAYBACK. Your friendly neighborhood technology company in the heart of Munich!

The icing on the cake: you'll meet likeminded passionate startup rookies and veterans, entrepreneurship enthusiasts, motivated by innovation and technology.

Got no experience yet – that’s cool! We'll put you into dream-teams, so meeting new people is easy as pie.

Sounds good - yes we think so!

One more thing... The best solution brings the winning team to an FC Bayern soccer game you'll attend from PAYBACK's VIP-Lounge.

Watch the game while your private host will serve you delicious drinks and yummy food.

The only drawback? We want to keep it cozy - and set the attendee limit to 60 people. Register now!

Updates follow soon! Contact us for all questions at [masked]