PunchOut.Tech: Idea to MVP! - Retailtech Edition WS II


Ready for the next round? This is the Prototyping Workshop of PunchOut.Tech!

The second you ask? Can you still take part? Of course, you can!
PunchOut.Tech is agile, it's free and warmly welcomes new participants until the very last day!

This is Prototyping! This is Sparta! Let's get our hands dirty and build those products!

Right now all teams work hard on Vision and Problem Discovery, Persona Design and what makes a Minimum Viable Product lovable. Now it's time to shine and get from the idea to your very first visible prototype! Bring your idea to life!

Feel free to bring your friends, all the tech experts or creative souls you know and recruit them to your team to make it even stronger.

Grab your FREE ticket here: https://www.eventbrite.de/e/punchouttech-idea-to-mvp-retailtech-edition-ws-ii-tickets-61125552172#tickets

We're looking forward to seeing all old and new friends again!

For the newbies:
What is PunchOut.Tech? It's the Agile Olympics, it's the Lean Mean Skills Machine, it's the event for solvers of Startup Challenges!

You always wanted to learn product thinking? We’ve got you!
Want to build the Rockstar-Startup and need a place to start? Got you covered!
Need to get that job promotion and lead your company’s next innovation project? Let’s kick your career into action!

Participants solve real-life problems for established companies and the region’s finest startup institutions! This is an eight week blended learning program where you’ll get to take part in three live events (while this event is the second) and get access to the finest learning material online. Furthermore, in this program, you become an expert on establishing Product Market Fit! For every business adventure, you’ve ever dreamt of.

Let's bring the icing on the cake? PunchOut.Tech is powered by the Founders Fight Club and their friends and partners. We’ll take care of the check. You don’t pay a single cent for participation. Most of this learning experience works online in Webinars, Slack, email, and eLearning.

Even better! You won't be on your own. Our PunchOut.Tech program managers will support you and give you with the tools and knowledge to "Punch Out the coolest Tech ever". For that, we're enabling knowledge on Lean Startup, Agile, Design Thinking. The Idea to USP to MVP to MLP to Product Market Fit! No prior knowledge required.

Watch this space for updates, or sign up for the Newsletter [https://www.punchout.tech/] or follow our meetup group [https://www.meetup.com/de-DE/Founders-Fight-Club-Munich] and the Founders Fight Club Facebook page.

Let’s do this!!!