BIG FINAL I PunchOut.Tech: Idea to MVP! - Retailtech Edition


This is the BIG FINAL! This is the BIG BANG and the end of the first PunchOut.Tech in 2019!

The end, you say? No reason to be sad! It's reason to celebrate the biggest startup party in town! It's also the starting shot for innovative tech products, new startups, and friendships!

You didn't take part in the program but wanna join the event? Everyone is more than welcome to be part of the grand PunchOut.Tech finals! Watch exciting pitches, support your favorite team, meet the local startup scene, listen to renowned speakers talking about New Work and Corporate Entrepreneurship and party with your friends. And yes, it's free.

All teams worked hard on solving their challenges and making a real product out of their idea. With great fighting spirit, they went through seven exciting weeks of learning everything about agile, lean startup and design thinking. They learned not only about how to startup but also applied their knowledge to create innovative solutions to corporate problems!

There have been blood, sweat and tears. There have been fun, creativity and success. New friendships have been made and entrepreneurship champions were born. Now, all the effort will be rewarded.

At the finals, all challenge partners and our friends of the local ecosystem will be there to support the teams. The teams will pitch their solution to the corporate jury and audience. Bring your own support! Friends and family are welcome to be your motivational trainers and cheering fans on the ringside.

After the pitches, the corporate jury will decide who is the winning team of the challenge within only 30 seconds. They will get into the ring and hit the punching bag: This is how we PUNCH OUT TECH!

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Let’s do this!!!