#2 MVP Series: Marketing for Mobile Applications

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Learn from hands-on experience on how to be quick on the market. Your strategy and market fit is crucial to position your app in the world. Brilliant marketing decides whether you are successful or your project fails. Learn tips and tricks to make your life easy as founder or developer – please your boss and customers. Learn how to be more valuable for you employer. Find likeminded people, share knowledge, get new technical insights. Find potential customers or get honest feedback from a professional audience. Connect to employers, future employees, co-founders and mentors.

Thank you for your interest to invest your precious time in joining our 2nd meetup on mobile app development. We - Adam and Wolfram – are looking forward to exchange knowledge and provide opportunities to connect with likeminded people.

What to expect from the first meetup?

-if you know someone or if you are interested in giving a talk related to marketing for mobile apps, contact us ;)

Project Presentations:
Early feedback is crucial for any project. Pitch your ideas or present your project to gather valuable information from the audience, or just enjoy the entertainment and be valuable with your feedback. Validate your business idea or profit from experienced developer perspectives. To reserve your presentation spot please contact Adam or Wolfram 😊

Networking 2.0: Find your people with ease
Chatting up the right folks is not everyone’s strength in IT. Look forward to our fun approaches helping you to find and connect with interesting new people.

Who is it for:
- Founders, Entrepreneurs, Wantrepreneurs
- Professional App Developers (Android, ios, React Native, Flutter, Ionic, …)
- Jobseekers and Recruiters
- Students
- Long story short: Anyone interested in mobile app development 😉

Looking forward to seeing you!