Mega Meetup - Web Audio, Progressive Web Apps & Webpack 2 + After Party

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We're thrilled to announce our mega meetup. This time we have another world class speakers from Germany and UK, plus a {Live:JS} show. It's all about Web Audio API, Progressive Web Apps and Webpack 2.

The meetup will be hosted and catered by the Software Craftsmanship Community at DATEV eG. Big thanks also to adorsys GmbH & Co. KG which backed travel costs for Sam Wray.

18.00 -Public Entrace - Snacks & Drinks - Make Friends

18.50 - Warm Welcome by FrankenJS & DATEV

19.00 - Web Audio API by Tim Pietrusky ( & Sam Wray (

Sam and Tim have an extreme passion for music, visualisations and JavaScript. In 2016 they met each other for the first time and decided to combine their projects (modV & NERD DISCO) into one massive audio & visual live performance. This is their story.

Check out their latest talk ( at dotJS, Paris 2016.

19.30 - Progressive Web Apps by Johannes Weber (

There's been a lot of talk lately about Progressive Web Apps. The main purpose is to provide an app-like user experience. For those who haven't heard of them, progressive web apps aim to bridge the gap between the mobile web and native apps by providing things like the ability to install, provide offline support, run background processes and send push notifications.

What are the non-technical doubts about using it? How does it work? Is it worth to dig into PWA now?

Johannes Weber shows PWA in action and is intended to answer all these questions.

He is an adviser and developer in the field of web technologies spotlighted on JS. In his free time he loves to bring people together. He (co)-organizes JS Kongress Munich (, AngularCamp Barcelona (, the AngularJS ( and ReactJS ( Munich Meetup Groups.

20.00 - Short Break (15 min)

20.15 - In-depth Introduction to webpack 2 by Tobias Koppers (, the creator of webpack

Tobias Koppers gives a in-depth introduction to webpack 2 ( He focus on advanced features and why to use them in the web. Basic introduction and concepts are also covered but he doesn't go into details here. Knowledge how web techniques is expected from the audience. webpack and web performance knowledge also helps.

Stuff covered: basic concepts, PWAs, On-Demand-Loading, Routers, Caching, HTTP/2, Offline, Service Workers, targeted builds, server-side rendering, analysis, learning material. Talk is in German, slides in English.

21.00 - {Live:JS} by Tim Pietrusky ( & Sam Wray (

Live music by Tim and Sam. Hang out with our JS fellows and make even more friends :)

23.00 - Closing Lights

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We have an amazing but packed schedule. Hence there will be not Q&A after each talk. Feel free to connect after the talk :)

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