Direction of Web Development, The How of Houdini, Google App Script & webpack 5


ℹ️ We are thrilled to announce the first event of 2020! Big thanks to PAESSLER for hosting, food and drinks 🥳


• 17.30 - Open Doors
• 18.00 - Grab Food & Drinks
• 18.30 - Do more, with Google App Script - Philip Saa
• 19.00 - Creating a custom localization plugin for webpack 5 - Tobias Koppers
• 19.30 - Break (15 mins)
• 19.45 - Did we(b development) lose the right direction? - Stefan Judis
• 20.15 - The How of Houdini, Oliver Turner
• 20.45 - Get drinks & make friends 🍻

👉 We'll start at 18.00 but further time slots can vary by a few minutes.

🙏 Please cancel your reservation if you can't make it to the event.


+++ Do more, with Google App Script - Philip Saa,, Nuremberg Area

Gary Vee has stated that those individuals who want to dominate the social media game, need to be putting out about 100 pieces of content per day. That's nearly one tweet every 15 minutes and ain't nobody got time for that. Leverage the extending capabilities of Google App Script to batch process the workflow. Organize on a Spreadsheet, schedule with a Calendar, and automate with various tools!

Philip Saa is an American living and working in Germany. His interest range from film making to music theory and has experience in a variety of creative multimedia disciplines. He moved to Germany to work for Raythoen IIS where his responsibilities included producing video products and programming the Simtelink Platform. He is currently programming for GmbH, a distributed start-up, focusing on digital automation solutions for medium to large size companies in Germany and Austria. From time to time he also publishes “Instagram Stories” and short video projects on his YouTube Channel.

+++ Creating a custom localization plugin for webpack 5 - Tobias Koppers, Inventor of webpack, Nuremberg Area

Live coding of a webpack plugin for localization with Code Splitting support. Shows how to use custom module types, custom runtime code, loaders and emit assets.

+++ Did we(b development) lose the right direction? - Stefan Judis, Twilio, Berlin

Keeping up with the state of web technology is one of the biggest challenges for us developers today. We invent new tools; we define new best practices, everything’s new, always... And we do all that for a good user experience! We do all that to build the best possible web – it’s all about our users.

But is it, really? Or do developers like to play with technology secretly loving the new and shiny? Or do we only pretend that it’s about users, and behind closed doors, it’s developer experience that matters to us? Did we lose direction? Is it time for a critical look at the state of the web and the role JavaScript plays in it?

Stefan started programming ten years ago and quickly fell in love with web performance, new technologies, and accessibility. He is also a curator of the web performance online resource Perf Tooling, contributes to a variety of open source projects, and enjoys sharing nerdy discoveries.

+++ The How of Houdini, Oliver Turner, Financial Times, London

Houdini is called "the future of CSS" but how does it work? How will it change UI programming? How does it bring CSS and JS together again? How can I use it today?

Oliver is an engineer at the Financial Times and co-organises London CSS.


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