The Elm Architecture in Haskell: Managing state with multiple threads

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This time at the Frankfurt Haskell User Group, Marcelo Lazaroni will give a talk about the Elm architecture in Haskell.

As usual, we will start at 18:30 with Pizza and afterwards start with the talk, hope to see you all there!

Here is the abstract:
Elm is a pure functional language for the front-end. It enforces an architecture that allows programs to stay pure in an event-based setting.

It turns out that this architecture is a great idea for Haskell too. It provides an easy to understand the pattern to organise the state in long-lived or complex Haskell applications.

The Elm Architecture replaces the threading of a state monad or a stack of monad transformers through the program with a single pure update function. Its event-based approach provides a simple way to handle concurrency, making things even more fun.