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Strategyn has spent 26 years inventing and refining Outcome-Driven Innovation® (ODI), a strategy and innovation process that is based on Jobs-to-be-Done, a theory we’ve pioneered and put into practice.
ODI is effective because it is:
- Focused on the “job-to-be-done”
- Reveals “needs” at a granular level
- Grounded in statistically valid data
- Results in a predictive data model that informs growth decisions

As a leading growth strategy and innovation consulting firm, Strategyn helps Fortune 500 companies grow in core, adjacent and new markets with a success rate that is five times (5X) the industry average. How is this possible? Over the last 25 years, we invented a customer-centric, data-driven innovation process that mitigates the risk of failure. Our results speak for themselves. Formulate a winning growth strategy with help from one of the top innovation consulting firms and service providers.

More Infos in German: http://www.strategyn.at/
More Infos in English: www.jobs-to-be-done.com (http://www.jobs-to-be-done.com/)

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Leipziger Str. 8

Join our first Meetup and JTBD SPRINT in Frankfurt for "Jobs-to-be-Done in practice with ODI®" by Martin Pattera to translate the Jobs-to-be-Done philosophy into practice. Get a hands-on navigation instrument for your customer-centric innovation. What you will learn: - Get to know a navigation instrument that shows you untapped revenue potential - Use the workshop to develop concrete ideas for your company's services - Create new (digital and non-digital) offerings that will succeed in the market - Experience Jobs-to-be-Done in practice with the Outcome-Driven Innovation® methodology Why you should attend: - Learn from best practices and success stories of top innovators - Get introduced to Outcome-Driven Innovation® (ODI) framework and its latest developments - Apply learnings on real innovation tasks of your business within the Workshop Attendees will be decision makers responsible for: - Product-, Technology-, Service-Management - New Business Development - Innovation Management - Digital Transformation Language: English or German. The meetup is free so everybody can benefit from our meeting and discussions. As seats are limited make sure you will be attending if you subsribe.

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