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Pop-up School for Millennials Class: How to make the right choices
Wondering if you are living the grown up life you have always dreamt of? Or you don't know where your life should go? Remember the times when it was so easy to finish the line "when I grow up...", but in a world where everything is possible our brain often gets overloaded with choices. In this class you will learn how to find focus in life to make the right decisions that suit you. Whether it is choosing a new job or your next Netflix addiction, no longer get affected by the paradox of choice. LIMITED TICKETS (12): BUY YOUR EARLY BIRDS NOW! www.3310.eventbrite.com What to expect: - All classes give you 2 hours of fun exercises & experiences - Classes are in small groups to give you more time for personal coaching and to guarantee quality - The Millennial/Generation Y differ in thinking and acting than the other generations. Theory and exercises are tailored specifically to the 90's kids. - 3310 values practicality. Therefore, you will learn skills you can use effective immediately after class.

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Recently moved to Frankfurt or been here awhile but can't seem to make a lot of contacts outside of your work bubble?...We get it. That is exactly why we created SpeakEASY. We wanted to create a space where people could have fun, whilst practicing new languages- for us its about the exchange. Which is why we not only have the COOLEST language classes in the city but we host 4-6 different events each month, and the best part is, most of them are totally FREE. Find out what so many other ex-pats already have, there is an alternative in Frankfurt. Come stop by or check us out online. Hope to catch you at our next event!

Wir sind eine Sprachschule in Frankfurt und bieten kostenlose Meetups in unserer Schule an. Darüber hinaus bieten wir Sprachkurse mit ausgebildeten muttersprachlichen Lehrer an. Ihr könnt auch zu uns kommen und Meetup Vorschläge machen!!// http://www.speakeasy-sprachschule.de

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