• Ruby Meetup #7
    Hello Frankfurt Rubyists, after the Summer Break it's time to meet again. This time we will be hosted by Clark Germany at their offices in Goethestraße 8. * Luka will report from EuRuKo 2018 in Vienna. * Nikita will talk about RemoteRuby - running ruby code on remote machines from local scripts Other talks will be announced soon ;) We are looking forward to meet you all! For talks & proposals, please go to https://github.com/ruby-frankfurt/talks

    Clark Germany - Sales Office

    Goethestr. 8 · Frankfurt am Main

  • Ruby Meetup #6 - May 2018
    According to our new schedule we continue with our by-monthly meetup schedule. This time we are hosted by creditshelf. --- TALKS: Klaus Zanders (@klaustopher) - A small introduction into GDPR, and what you should do for your side project. Option: Watch "Exploding Rails" by Ryan Bigg and discuss. We have 1 large Talk Slot and Room for up to 2 lightning talks. If you want to give a talk, write to [masked]

    creditshelf GmbH

    Mainzer Landstraße 33a · Frankfurt am Main

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  • Ruby Meetup #5 - March 2018
    After a year we are looking forward to reboot the Frankfurt Ruby Meetup. Everybody is welcome, no matter if you already hacked on Ruby 1.8 code or just learnt the basics at a Rails Girls event. We meet in the ioki offices, An der Welle 3 in 60322 Frankfurt. We will provide some food and drinks. --- Nach einem Jahr Pause rebooten wir die rankfurt Ruby Meetup. Es sind alle Leute willkommen, egal ob sie schon an Ruby 1.8 Code gehackt haben oder gerade erst durch ein Rails Girls Event auf Ruby aufmerksam geworden sind. Wir treffen uns im Büro von ioki im Bürokomplex "An der Welle 3". Für leibliches Wohl wird gesorgt! --- Talks: * Jan Krutisch (@halfbyte) - Automating Dependency Updates (with Depfu) How does your team update dependencies? How do you choose your dependencies in the first place? Why is it important to keep the dependencies updated? How could automation help? What does Depfu.com do and what doesn't it do? These are some of the topics I'd like to discuss with y'all. I will bring stickers and the occasional promotional slide, but instead of a boring sales pitch I mostly want to let you do the talking in a discussion about an important and IMHO undervalued topic. * Benedikt Deicke (@benediktdeicke) - Embedded Models for ActiveRecord (even more fun with Rails 5.2) Lightning Talks: * Klaus Zanders (@klaustopher) - Future Schedule of Ruby Meetups


    An der Welle 3 · Frankfurt am Main

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  • Ruby Meetup #4
    Welcome to the 4th Ruby Meetup Frankfurt. Let's have a great first meetup in 2017. You are invited to bring in topics (English or German)! Agenda: • Profiling ruby applications - Nikita Chernukhin and Alexander Vasyutin • Starting Refugees On Rails in Frankfurt - Matthias Orgler @morgler (https://twitter.com/morgler) and Bennedikt Deicke @benediktdeicke (https://twitter.com/benediktdeicke) • Cleaner, scalable views with object oriented components - Christian Bäuerlein @fabrik42 (https://twitter.com/fabrik42) • Trying out the new features of Ruby 2.4 - Roman Gorel This time we are hosted by Drooms in Frankfurt. They provide location, technical equipment and food. Thank you Drooms (https://www.drooms.com/de)! We are looking forward to see you there.

    Drooms GmbH

    Eschersheimer Landstraße 6 · Frankfurt am Main

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  • Ruby Meetup #3
    Hello Rubyist, welcome to Ruby Meetup Frankfurt #3. This time we are hosted by Clark (https://www.clark.de/de) in Frankfurt. You are invited to bring in topics (English or German)! Let's have a great first meetup in 2016 with socializing, networking and pizza. We are looking forward to seeing you there! -- This Ruby Meetup Frankfurt event is hosted by Clark (https://www.clark.de/de). They provide location, technical equipment and food. Thank you Clark (https://www.clark.de/de)! --

    Clark Germany GmbH

    Vilbeler Straße 29 · Frankfurt am Main

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  • Ruby Meetup #2
    Welcome to the 2nd Ruby Meetup Frankfurt. Besides socializing, networking, beer, pizza and billiard we do have the following agenda: • RDF databases in Ruby and Rails (Slava Krauchanka) • Asynchronous distributed services with Celluloid and ZeroMQ (Roman Gorel) • Writing fault-tolerant services with rabbitmq (Eduard Klementjev) You are invited to bring in other topics! This time we are hosted by Drooms in Frankfurt. We are looking forward to the same participation as last time.

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  • Kick-off Ruby Meetup #1
    Willkommen zum Kick-off des Ruby Meetups Frankfurt. Bisher haben wir neben Socializing und Networking einen Punkt auf der Agenda: • Vorstellung des Open Source Projects Indoctrinatr: https://github.com/dkd/indoctrinatr - Nicolai Reuschling Weitere Themen sind willkommen! Ihr seid alle herzlich eingeladen! Wir sind dieses Mal zu Gast bei der dkd in Frankfurt.

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