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We believe that smart contracts have three different facets that need to be harmonized. By aligning technical possibilities, legal requirements and business goals, true value and meaningful verifiable automation can be created.

In this series of Meetups we want to bring to Frankfurt the world's top experts on the matter, together with their business, legal and technical points of view. We'll talk about the ideas and tech behind Ethereum, Corda, Hyperledger, etc, with our eyes set on their applications and our minds aware of the legal context.

Our approach makes the meetup suited for all people interested in digital assets and smart contract platforms, whether they just heard about the topic for the first time or already know what Proof-of-Stake, Ricardian contracts, and Solidity are.

You should leave the events informed, inspired, and better connected.If you want to build your knowledge in this growing field and understand how it will impact your business, definitely do not miss this series of lectures.

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Scaling the public blockchain for payments


Trade Finance: Letters of Credit on Corda


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