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Hi Guys,

We are happy to announce our next meetup which is going to be held on 26th of October.

The following talk is scheduled.

Cross-Site Scripting: The Force Awakens

This talk is inspired from Star Wars thriller. In this premier, we will see, XSS---the force awakens again or has never been disappeared. Is XSS a new threat on the landscape even though it was discovered sixteen years ago or the threat was there all the time. XSS is a war between the developers of the web applications and the attacker but the question is: who is winning the war so far? Can we hug developers now or should find a way for them to escape from this endless pain of war?

Smart researchers out there have already started talking about post-XSS era ("may the force be with you") but the question is are we really at this stage? Can we say "We're home"? Unfortunately not! It seems the empire of XSS has been advancing and flourishing (at least the evidence shows). "It's true. All of it. The Dark Side".

Can developers make things right and have some resistance even after sixteen years of XSS? Is there a call from light? With the help of some real fairy tales, we will shed light on developers' rudimentary knowledge about XSS protection(s). Is there a universal panacea for XSS epidemic? No one knows how the upcoming chapters of XSS will look like but the leaked teaser shows wind turbine has been XSSed.

This talk will conclude on: "There's been an awakening...The Dark and Some Light".

We are looking forward to meet you there.

Best Regards