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Hi, I am Mike, your organiser and founder of this group. I am willing to do a next meetup if I see commitment from you to do it. It can be as soon as March more precise as soon as I see real interest then I can announce details and give you a couple weeks or so in advance notice, so you make room in your busy schedule to meet with me or an organiser that I will announce later. If I see participation I can organise meetings more often, maybe every 2 months or even monthly hopefully. So when we'll meet it depends on you my friends. Consider maybe a 20 euro fee just to keep tire kickers away and help with some costs, this is serious business that I intend and it won't be easy but we'll succeed if we're willing to participate and share some costs. Let's say that at 15 confirmations I will announce the place and time details about the meetup. We shall meet evening maybe at 6-7 or so for an hour, max 2 close to Central Station to a pub or a close hotel, depending on the numbers, for important info and networking to establish subsequent steps. When you RSVP let me know if you prefer weekday or weekend day and I will count the votes and the majority will win like in a democracy but be ready to come anyway it just won't be 100% to your taste. Your time is precious you wouldn't like to do something for free as well, I am sure we are on the same page as business people. About my picture: I'll let you take one at next meetup and we post it together on the group's page, it's more fun. Thank you, Mike.

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Hi, This is a group for individuals that know of good products of private companies interested to expand their market and business across Atlantic (USA and/or Canada). And it should work both ways, encouraging exchange of good quality products to become available on both sides of the Ocean. I do not represent any business I just want to create this group to create awareness. Even if your business tried in the past and found that is not easy (too expensive) by themselves, I propose to unite our forces and do it with more chances this time. If we get together and share some costs, info, talents and services, I believe we will succeed, thus creating prosperity and value for both sides of the Atlantic. If you own a company and want to expand it, this is for you. If you work for a company, tell your boss about this group. Interested? Register and drop me a line with what is that you have in mind. There is a 50 euro charge/year, this will give you info about our meetings that will happen in your area and will help cover organising costs. Thank you and welcome to this select group. Thank you, Daniel.

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