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#10 FrankfurtJS

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#10 FrankfurtJS - Node.js Special

Migration microservices to GraphQL by Roman Krivtsov

• Historical approaches to client-server communication (SOAP, JSON-RPC, REST)
• Briefly about GraphQL
• Comparison between GQL and REST in terms of distributed systems
• Wrapping GQL over existing REST
• Benefits of GQL and Relay on client side

Automating library versioning and dependency management in JavaScript by Markus Tacker

The JavaScript ecosystem is huge and offers hundreds of thousands of packages which evolve so quickly that automating dependency management is an effort that pays of quickly. On the other hand creating and releasing packages is as simple as it gets, making use of npm even for internal dependencies is equally rewarding.
But both topics require the orchestration of a dozend individual components.This talk shows the steps required to automate both tasks.

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Taunusanlage 16 · Frankfurt am Main
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