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In this introductory evening you will have a chance to connect to your inner most beautiful and powerful self, by first connecting to your Heart, to your love, and then by sharing it in a sacred Tantra meditation, as an introduction Tantra and as an Introduction to the weekend course

"Free your Heart!" , which is taking place on Friday - Sunday, 6-8/2/2015

About the Course

The purpose of this course is that we can Trust Love again, Trust ourselves again, by first of all forgiving ourselves and others, forgiving the opposite sex, and in a safe and supportive surrounding, and by respecting our boundaries, to start the journey of Sacred Sexual Healing, Intimacy & Relationships.

We will practice the conscious way of Relationships and Sexuality, based on the consciousness of the "Oneness". This means going beyond the illusion of separation, the story of the mind/ego, the source of our fears. We learn to choose love and not fear, and we learn to understand that whatever we give to someone else, is actually what we give to ourselves.

We start being conscious and instead of trying to take, we give and we share, expanding our love in a magical way. Our relationships are the best platform for growth. They challenge us constantly, as our partner is our mirror, our reflection, it shows us our blind spots that we can heal and grow. The conscious way of relationships is never to blame our partner and always be grateful for the opportunity to expand.

We all got hurt in our past, and we are afraid to open our Heart again, and Trust Love, because it makes us vulnerable, but it's the only way to experience the intimate love relationship we really want. When we allow ourselves to fully relax as we are, to be totally honest with our desires and with our fears, we are exposed, open and vulnerable and this vulnerability is the source of our beauty, of the light that we really are.

How natural and healthy our intimate love relationships? Our sexuality? What are our sexual conditionings? What did we learn, and from where, about Intimate love relationships, and about making Love? From pornography? From our parents? From our religions? When we understand our sexual conditionings and how much our sexuality was condemned and suppressed since we were small children, we can be compassionate and patient with ourselves and our partners, as we connect again to the source of our most powerful, beautiful and creative life energy.

We will use this energy for having much more pleasure in our sex life, healing, manifesting abundance, and for God Realization. We will go deeper and deeper, by releasing shame, guilt and fear from our own true nature, allowing ourselves to be who we really are - powerful, sexual, loving and divine human beings.

Part of the practices and methods we will learn and experience in the course are:

- Life Coaching & emotions release techniques.

- Osho's active Meditations.

- Sexual Healing with conscious Boundaries awareness.

- Relationships based on freedom & empowerment

- Intimacy & Conscious Sexuality

- Sacred Spot Massage ritual & Tantric Massage
- breathing and sublimation techniques
- Kundalini

- Hatha and partner Yoga

- Sacred Tantra meditations & Rituals.

Reactions from previous participants:

’This weekend opened my heart in a way that can not be closed, I am very grateful for finding out that we are al capable of unconditional love and that there is no reason to not feel and experience this through al of your life.’’ ~ Kees Schenk

"I feel a deep connection with my self. It's meeting with Peacefulness, Silence, and in the same time Excitement and Enthusiastic from every little experience of my life." ~ Amit Goldenberg

"This workshop was the key to a hidden door, giving me faith in people and in life. I could let go of my obsession for love." ~ Noam Cohen Raz

"After the workshop I felt a transformation that helped me to get answers to questions I had about myself. I feel forever different. I understood, I felt what it's like to feel peaceful inside. I learned to love myself for the divine being that I am. I recommend this workshop to anyone who has questions about themselves." ~ Cat Griffith

You can read more about the workshops and listen to testimonials on our website www.magic-of-love.org.

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