FreeCodeCamp CoLearning/CoWorking

FreeCodeCamp Berlin
FreeCodeCamp Berlin
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Jede Woche am Dienstag


Lehrter Straße 53 · Berlin

Wie du uns findest

The entrance is on the ground floor at the door between the two large windows (BeLUG+IN-Berlin). You can't miss it ...

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Open CoWorking/CoLearning; Work on the FreeCodeCamp curriculum, your own project or what ever you want to work on.

Just drop in!
There is fast internet, power, snacks, beverages, a sofa, and a nice atmosphere. :-)

Q: What do I need to know?
A: Just come as you are. No prior programming knowledge required.

Q: Are there any costs?
A: No, attending does not incur any costs. You can get coffee or water for free. Other beverages (like beer, coke, mate, etc.) are 1€/bottle, snacks (like snickers, chocolate, etc.) are available for 0,25€/0,5€.

Q: Is it colearning or coworking?
A: It is more colearning, i.e. we help each other.
"coworking" would be more like a "paid space",
i.e. you'd pay for being there and its services.

Q: What is this space?
A: The space is the rooms of -
a community Internet Service Provider (ISP).
There are other meetups happening here, like the Berlin Linux User Group (BeLUG) or the electronics laboratory

Q: Can I host my own event in this space?
A: Take a look at the VereinsRaum calendar
for a free time slot - and then
contact IN-Berlin's support team:
as long as the cause of your meetup
if for everyone and it's non-profit.