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Why struggle with a challenge? Make it a game!

In a group of nice and open minded people we play with our current challenges: On different stages you follow unconventional tasks, share with the others if you like and use their bonus brains :-) It's all about solving a challenge as a child would do: with all senses, both hands, all your fantasy and a fearless mind!

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Centro de Inovação da Mouraria

22,00 €

Don't we all often overanalyze things and see only problems instead of oppurtunities? Let's try it on another way - and just have fun while solving challenges! } <*> { HOW? Teams of 2 follow different tasks in 8 stages, approaching challenges in various pretty dynamic ways. Sometimes exercising and sometimes discussing unexpected questions whilst having the most ridiculous fun. WHERE DOES THIS LEAD TO? At the end you will take away a bunch of new perspectives and ideas just by playing together. And you will have probably heard more compliments since ever before. Please note: I am not to hold responsible for partners who fall in love! °*°^*^° FEEL WARMLY INVITED - AND SAVE YOUR PLACE! °*°^*^° The places are limited, because of the space. You confirm by sending the game fee of 22 € via PayPal to [masked]. If in any case you are not able to come - please let me know, then we can find another partner for the player who otherwise would wait for you. Be so kind to come on time, because we start all together - and it's of course also a funny little game for the beginning. WHAT'S INCLUDED? All materials and infinite jest! Snacks and drinks you can buy for little money. If you are up to, you'll definitely find friends as well :-) *@#&~x<. I CAN'T WAIT TO PLAY WITH YOU! .>x~&#@* Learn more about it: www.juliabecker.net

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