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Welcome my name is Senita and I have started this meet up group to help others like me who are in need of a challenge workout. Its a 1 hour motivating group circuit traning class.It will have your blood pumping and your heart going and your able to do it at your own pace and still get a good workout. In the class we would be doing cardio training, isometrics, plyometrics, strength & flexibility training,and much more all levels are welcomed.The classes are indoor and outdoor, we are trained by Professional trainers. Come join us for a great workout with good tunes and good people! The meet group is at a facility in Union City. Meet others like yourself who seek motivation, and who wants to begin a new type of work with people who motivate you to do things you never thought you can do..Well i think you found what you are looking for.

We have early mornings to mid morning to evening classes.So come check us out.

Make sure to like our facebook page WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/UNDERGROUNDFIT

Drop ins $25.00

12 sessions $180.00

26 sessions $360.00

40 sessions $540.00


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Group circuit training

Underground Fitness

We are located at Whipple Road and Kohoutek in Union City. You can reach either Mike or Yo at[masked] or[masked]

Yoga w/Amy

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12,00 $

Vinyasa flow designed to create total body power and strength. Connecting breath with movement to flow faster & dive deeper into your practice, mentally & physically.

Group Circuit Training

Underground Fitness Club

25,00 $

Group Circuit Training

Kids Bootcamp

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Group circuit training

Underground Fitness

20,00 $

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