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This group is for everyone who wants to add more fun and social freedom in their life in Geneva! We'll meet once a month and decide together on a monthly challenge to take on for the following 30 days :D
Our goal is to encourage each other to take more risks on a daily basis, to worry less about what other people think of us, to be open to life's opportunities and maily to grow together as a group of awsome individuals!

Ce groupe est pour tous ceux qui veulent rendre leur vie plus freee et fuun à Genève! On se réunit une fois par mois et on décide d'un challenge pour les 30 jours suivants :D
Notre but est de s'encourager parmi à prendre plus de risques au quotidien, à ne plus s'inquiéter de ce que les autres pensent de nous, à être plus ouvert aux opportunités de la vie et surtout à devenir une version encore plus super-ouf-géniale de nous-même grâce au soutien du groupe!

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Your MAGICAL Bucket List!

Café Gavroche

Have you ever written a bucket list? You know, the list of EVERYTHING you would like to experience/achieve/live before you die? Then you might love this event! My name is Laura Nathalie: I'm an entrepreneur, writer (in french!), coach, crazy-dreams-achiever and I'm turning 30 years old at the end of december. So before entering a new decade of my life I decide to do something crazy: achieve 30 impossible dreams before I turn 30 -yup, in less than 2 months! And to celebrate this project I'd love to invite you all to the last free event I will organise in Geneva before I leave this city. For this event my intention is that we all inspire each other to make the impossible come true (because we're all gonna die so we might as well try :p) and to bring you lots of inspiration, fun and energy! Program: 19h-19h15: Introduction 19h15-19h45: Ice-melting game to connect with each other. I'm an introvert so no small talk here, hehe! 19h45-20h00: Writing our bucket lists 20h-20h30: Fun exercice to start making those dream come true! 20h30-21h: Still thinking about how to end it beautifully! 21h onwards: Dancing, drinking and deep connection! If you've never been to one of my event, don't worry: I make everyone feel confortable and I tend to attract very kind, fun, creative, ambitious and empathetic humans. If you've already been to one of my event I'm looking forward so meeting you one last time before I leave Geneva (my flight is the next day!). If you have any questions or would like to hire one of the most badass coach to make your dreams come true -I'm finally taking clients in english! -, feel free to write to me at : [masked] Lots of love and see you there! Laura

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GENEVA FREEDOM CHALLENGES 14th Edition! (We are back! :D)

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