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Two Platform talks: .NET Classic-Core-Standard && A first look at Blazor

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In this talk, Olivier navigates us through characteristics and differences of the different targets and runtimes for .NET and compares charactreristics and what means what. While already coming a bit of age and maturing, these are relatively new concepts compared to the classic framework and dmerits a closer look. This talk will be in french.

A first look at Blazor
In contrast to mature platforms, this talk takes a closer look on Blazor, an alpha-grade experimental front-end framework which targets WebAssembly in the browser. Is this the future of .NET web programming, could it be the next Silverlight - and is that a good thing? Tor talks about the inner workings of this new toy and gets his hands dirty with HTML and dom manipulation while writing as little (java/type)-script as possible.

About the speaker Olivier Chekroun
Olivier has a passion for computer science since the beginning of the 1980s with the rise of personal computing. For 15 years, he has developed successively with the languages C++ / STL, Java before adopting the platform .net with c#, VB.Net, and F #. Currently, he is interested in: functional programming with the language F #, ASP.Net Core MVC/API/Razor Page, Microsoft Azure and Xamarin Forms.

About the speaker Tor Knutsson
Tor started out programming in the dark ages of basic and PHP, and has worked his way through c, lisp and java before falling for .NET about 10 years ago. Currently interested in Xamarin Forms, and .NET on Raspberry.