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Meet&read for real German beginners (A1/A2) - ATTENTION: NOW ON FRIDAY!
At the meet&read meetups you will read German books with German natives. Thereby, you will improve your vocabulary as well as your reading and listening comprehension. The books are directed at German language learners. You will find lots of grammar and vocabulary explanations. We read aloud and listen to each other. Like this, everyone will learn how to pronounce words and phrases correctly. After the reading, there is always time for nice private chats and a drink. Although this meetup is directed to real German beginners on A1 and A2 level and although this description is in English, we only speak German during our meetups! You can either buy the book yourself or pay 1€ for a photocopy of the chapters we are going to read. You can find our current book here: http://www.edeltraud-muc.de/en/meet-read-book-club/ It`s never to early for your first book in German - so don`t be afraid :) Please don`t forget to cancel if you realise you won`t be able to make it. Thank you! Wir freuen uns auf dich!! Since we have to pay for our new rooms, the meetup costs 3 € per person (plus 1€ if you need a photocopy). (Foto: rawpixel.com © www.fotolia.de)

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Make friends, meet friends, have fun – and practice your German language skills!

Munich offers so many possibilities – let's explore them together! We meet regularly for brunch, sports, literature, movies or cultural activities. Like that, you will get to know the town as well as interesting new people. And what's more, you'll be able to improve your conversational skills in real life situations. Don't worry – there will always be a native speaker to help you find the right words ;-)

We are open for all levels, so don't be shy and join us – we're looking forward to meeting you!

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