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Open English Conversation
Drop into our English Conversation Group! We are a growing community of international folks interested in speaking English. Every level is welcome. Native Engish Speakers are also welcome to drop in.

Die Lernwerkstatt

Karl-Kunger-Str. 55 12435 Berlin · Berlin

Worum es bei uns geht

Die Lernwerkstatt is a place where German (among other things) can be learned in a collaborative, self-determined, creative way. We are currently hosting a weekly German Evening and a monthly German Learners' Brunch. Besides giving German learners the opportunity to talk in German and get their questions about the German language answered, we are constantly trying new forms of teaching and learning. All our events are gifts. That means, you can come by, drop a coin in the donation box for our expenses (copies, rent) or help us in any other way or just enjoy being part of this community. We are confident that you will pay it back someday, somewhere, in the name of learning.

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