Solidarity Workshop


The “Solidarity Workshop” falls into the Philia Category: Powerful Community: Building Solidarity through Collaboration. The societal level is all about connecting to one’s community to build solidarity and trust through collaboration.

In this workshop, we will start getting acquainted with our own needs and desires of solidarity within community spaces (such as the Philia context, for example). We will explore what solidarity can look like for us and for others around us by asking ourselves:
*What do support and solidarity mean to me?
*What do I personally need, what am I looking for in a community?
*What might others around me need and want within community spaces and how can I become more receptive towards their needs?

Various tools will be used ranging from verbal discussion rounds to individual writing exercises to theatre methods. We will therefore be able to tap into different sources of knowledge and inspiration and create a space of personal reflection and stimulating exchange. This workshop will hopefully spark impulses and ideas that will keep your engagement with the topic alive from this point forward.

The workshop is open to all genders and will be conducted in English (spoken language). German translation is possible if needed. It is advised to bring comfortable clothes. The venue is located on the raised ground floor, but unfortunately not wheelchair accessible.

Philia is a global empowerment initiative. In our retreats, workshops and e-course we teach the Philia Method, which is a peer coaching technique to support you develop yourself, meaningful connections and co-creating for global change.

Philia Stage is Philia’s community platform. Here we offer artists, therapists and empowerment experts the opportunity to come on stage and to empower our global community towards personal, interpersonal and transpersonal growth.

This workshop will be led by Paula Führer, trainer/facilitator and performing artist. She says: “I am a white (cis-)woman, German native, able-bodied and had the privilege of being academically educated. I identify as queer and as feminist. I have been interested in topics such as inequality, social justice, diversity, anti-discrimination, allyship & accompliceship for many years and would like to invite you to become part of a lively dialogue.”

Philia offers knowledge in three areas: Powerful You: Building Resilience through Introspection, Powerful Peers: Building Connectedness through Communication and Powerful Community: Building Solidarity through Collaboration.