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"Ya need some girlfriends, hon, 'cause they're furever. Without a vow. A clutch of women's the most tender, most tough place on Earth."

- from the book "Where the Crawdads Sing"

As in the quote above - we all need some gal pals, and as we age, old friendships may be harder to keep and making new friends is not so easy - especially for those of us who live in rural areas. So, this group is for women who are 55+; need to socialize more; are looking for positive ways to fill the voids in our lives; and who are seeking encouragement to pursue new goals.

If you are a stay-at-homer, retired, or have a somewhat flexible work schedule - this group may be for you! Married, single, widowed, divorced - all 55+ ladies are welcome!

We have a regularly scheduled meet-up on the 1st Wednesday of every month titled "What's Up Gals?". This meet-up is generally held at the organizer's home in Norvell Township. We talk about books, travel, work, family, life, food, and whatever the conversation leads to, while enjoying a snack & beverage. On the 3rd Wednesday of each month, we gather for "We Got Game" at our co-organizer's home near Grass Lake. What games we play depends on attendance. Not competitive - just great fun!

Throughout the month, we have member-hosted meet-ups, held on various days/times and include whatever activity the hosting member chooses. We do occasional day trips, visit wineries, attend plays, shopping, movies - all sorts of fun & interesting things!

This is a lovely group of women, from all walks of life. We share good conversation about common interests, and thoughts and ideas about coping with life's changes, during which we have both laughed and cried!

**PLEASE READ - IMPORTANT** Given these heated political times we are living in - we do not openly discuss politics or religion during our group meet-ups and everyone is welcome regardless of their views. As we have gotten to know each other however, it is difficult to avoid at least touching on certain topics as they relate to our conversation, but we do our very best to make sure everyone is comfortable with the subject matter and that our meet-ups do not become debates.

Also note that our group is for socializing and making friends. It is NOT a group for promoting personal businesses or other meet-up groups. And while members are not required to attend every meet-up, we ask that you not join simply out of curiosity and that your intention is to be a regular participant.

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Guys & Gals Night - "Friendsgiving" @ Kim's House

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